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Discover your next best seller in our on-trend line of coordinating apparel made from the softest fabrics on the market.

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Website/Account FAQ:
Q: Will I need to make a new account?
A: Yes, if you have not placed a direct order since April 2020, you will need a new account.

Q: Do I need an account to look at pricing and assortments?
A: No, but you will need to fill out the form to get the website access password. Only valid retailers are allowed access to the wholesale website.

Q: Can you invite me to create an account or reset my password?
A: For sure! Just reach out at alexandra@emersonandfriends.com

Q: Do I pay at checkout?
A: No, we will invoice you for what is ready to ship plus shipping once we confirm your order.

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Our turn around time on ready-to-ship orders is usually around 2-4 business days.
Preorder items will list delivery ETA in the title.

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: Clearwater, FL

Q:What is your opening minimum?
A: $250 and reorders are $150

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Contact Your In-House Reps

P: 727-400-4338
E: alexandra@emersonandfriends.com

P: 727-400-4338
E: morgan@emersonandfriends.com

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See what our retailers are saying about Emerson and Friends

Sooooo Happy! I am so happy with my experience and product, I went ahead and placed an additional order as soon as this one arrived. It’s hard to order online and be sure of what the product is like however this product is very very well-made. This is definitely something I am pleased to be selling.

Denice Atwood, CO Via Faire

The bamboo blankets and gown/hat sets are wonderful. Great packaging and they are super soft. Excellent quality.

Christina Seminole, TX Via Faire

Above and beyond customer service We sold items before we were finishing getting the items into our system - sold 7 pieces in a day and a half. Great on trend colors and designs. LOVE!

Lisa Rapid City, SD Via Faire

Loved Everything! Emerson and Friends has the cutest stuff and such great quality! I love the material of the clothing. It's all so buttery soft, which I know we love for our babies. I will definitely keep an eye out for new releases to reorder!

Heather Cumming, GA Via Faire